David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to give every child attending one of our schools a world-class education.

Financial Information

Financial Information

The Trust’s income is now over £70,000,000 of which over £66,000,000 is delegated to academy budgets.

Fixed assets have a value in excess of £90 million.

The Trust’s financial strategy sets out to ensure the long term viability of the Trust and its academies, including very small academies, whilst at the same time facilitating growth and ongoing development innovation in a number of areas, including:

  • the growth of nursery provision and extension of wrap around offer
  • increasing the Trust’s signature enrichment programme
  • developing inter-academy sharing and pooling of resource
  • driving through theTrust’s radical and far reaching ICT strategy
  • using the Trust’s size to procure better deals for our academies

The Trust is compliant with the principles of good financial management, governance, regularity, propriety and compliance.

The process of continuous improvement has remained strong.

Auditors (2016)

Below are the Trust’s annual financial documents since our inception: