David Ross Education Trust

Our mission is to give every child attending one of our schools a world-class education.



Across the Trust our A-Level students, and those taking vocational qualifications, surpassed the standards set in previous years and raised the bar further.

“I am extremely grateful for the help and guidance I have been given over the past seven years at King Edward VI Academy. I cannot wait to see what happens in the future.”
Lena, will now study History at Anglia Ruskin University


“I am thrilled with my results, a Distinction * in Performing Arts, an A in Photography and a B in Art. My passion has kept me motivated throughout my studies and I could not have achieved this result without the incredible help that I received from everyone at the academy.”
Arm Stewart, will now join the University of Northampton to study Photography


“I am so happy with my results. I am really looking forward to studying at the University of Cambridge and working on programming.”
David Horstmann, will now join the University of Cambridge to study Computer Science